DIY Vegetable Garden Idea: Mini-Me Microgreens

Good things come in small plants! Learn more about these pint-sized veggies and how to grow them in your DIY vegetable garden.

What are they?
Immature, near-perfect seedlings of your favorite full-grown vegetables and herbs. (Think something between sprouts and baby greens.) Packed with nutrients and flavor, they adorn plates at gourmet restaurants.

How do they taste?
Delicate to intense, sweet to spicy, their flavors resemble what you would expect from the full-grown plant. Foodies and chefs love the array of colors and textures they come in, too.

Why grow them yourself?
Two words: Instant gratification. You’re harvesting these little guys in your DIY vegetable garden when they’re only 1½ to 2 inches tall, so you’re getting them on your plate a couple of weeks after sowing.

Easy to grow?
The only way they’d be any easier is if they’d sow themselves. Well, they also need a few inches of clean soil, four to six hours of sunlight and a hit of mist from a spray bottle every day to keep them happy. Grow them almost anywhere—on a windowsill, countertop or container.

How do you serve them?
Microgreens are delicate, so eat them raw and within a few days of harvesting. After snipping, gently rinse and pat dry with a paper towel. Top soups and salads, fill sandwiches or use microgreens to garnish appetizers or main dishes.

Where do you get the seeds?
Any seed can be grown as a microgreen, but some packaged mixes are suited for sprouting and provide a blend of popular varieties or the plants have similar germination rates.

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