4 Super Sweet Berries You Can Grow in Pots

Add pops of color to your patio with berry plants that fit neatly inside containers.

Berries just got better thanks to new dwarf varieties suited for smaller spaces. A tinier plant means these delightful gems live right at home inside your favorite patio pot. The next time you crave a handful of fresh berries for your bowl of cereal or a smoothie, all you’ll have to do is step outside.

3 Steps to Better Berry Care

  • PLANT: For most berries, choose 5-gallon pots that are 24 inches wide and offer plenty of drainage. Berries need 6 to 8 hours of full sun.
  • PICK: Harvest your yummy blueberries and strawberries when they break off the stems, and raspberries when they slip off the receptacle.
  • PRUNE: After harvesting, remove any fruited stems by cutting them at the base. Pruning varies between plants, so research first!

Where to Order MiniBerries

If you want to get growing right away, check out bushelandberry.com. It’s a one-stop berry shop for all your miniberry plant needs, including most of the varieties mentioned here.

Pink Icing from Bushel and Berry
Pink Icing from Bushel and Berry


Use a potting mix with acidic soil and fertilize in early and late spring to promote growth and fruit production. Peach Sorbet is a self-pollinating plant with a rainbow of leaves ranging from peachy pink to emerald green. Another tantalizing blueberry option is Jelly Bean. It produces a crop of super-sweet blueberries in midsummer.

Baby Cakes from Bushel and Berry
Baby Cakes from Bushel and Berry


Choose a thornless variety and plant it in a wide, shallow container. The long canes need to be tied, so insert a few strong stakes or place the pot next to a trellis to keep the plant growing straight and upright. If you’re not sure where to start, try Baby Cakes. It’s 3 to 4 feet tall and thornless, with bright, white flowers in spring and large, zingy blackberries in summer. In some regions, it offers another crop of sweetness in midautumn.

Raspberry Shortcake from Bushel and Berry
Raspberry Shortcake from Bushel and Berry


Look for fall-bearing dwarf raspberry varieties. Apply a generous amount of compost and balanced fertilizer in early and late spring. For a thorn-free raspberry plant with a compact growth habit, look no further than Raspberry Shortcake. It grows best in full sun and in soil with good drainage. 

Artur Rutkowski (public domain)


Everbearing varieties work best for containers. Pick a pot or hanging basket at least 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep. Give Quinault a go when you’re ready to plant. It’s everbearing and produces heavy fruits. Try other varieties like Tribute or Seascape. Delizz, a 2016 All-America Selections winner, is a good choice, too, because it grows fast from seed to harvest.

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