Bnbbyc18 Janet Stangel

Updated: May 25, 2023

My mother has the most amazing garden. She hasn’t won any prizes; entered any contests; entered any of her flowers in a show or been published in a magazine. She gardens for the sheer enjoyment of placing a small plant in a carefully crafted whole in the earth. Then she gives it tender loving care as if it were her own child. Each one is unique. Each one is given the full measure of devotion. Roses are never easy to grow; even for my mother. But yet her rose bushes illicit an absolutely perfect specimen to admire. It seems as much as she loves her flowers; they love her just as much. They reveal that love in a spectacular array of color and fragrance. Each visitor is enveloped by blossoms with their vibrant; yet simplistic elegance. Just after a nice afternoon rain I snapped this shot. Once I saw it; I realized it was the perfect embodiment of my mothers loving; nurturing and complete devotion for her garden. I took this shot with a Nikon digital camera; one with which I have snapped hundreds of pictures of my moms flowers bushes and flowering trees.

pictures of rosesCourtesy Janet Stangel