Drought Tolerant Gardening

From drought gardening advice to recommendations on the best drought resistant flowers, make the most of the dry conditions in your backyard with these expert tips.

Cactus Flowers, Fruit and Shelter

Take a walk through the desert and you will most likely see cacti made up of flat pads covered in

Dahlberg Daisies for Dry Sunny Gardens

A few years ago, I came upon some Dahlberg Daisies (Thymophylla tenuiloba) at my local nursery, and fell in love

Fire Resistant Plants for Your Landscape

Danger from wildfire is a reality that many people have to deal with. Creating a defensible space around your home and

Look for a Cactus Skeleton in the Desert

Did you know that you can find skeletons in the desert? Not from animals, but look for a cactus skeleton...

How To Plant and Grow Agave Pups

Agave plants bloom once and then die.  However, agave do produce 'offsets' or as they are often referred to, agave...

The Beautiful Flowers of Cacti

Don't dismiss a cactus as a boring plant.  Imagine how beautiful it looks for a few months when it is...