Nature Connects Exhibit Offers LEGO Hummingbird, Butterfly, and More

Sean Kenney's amazing LEGO sculptures have to be seen to be believed. Learn more about the Nature Connects exhibit touring the country.

Take a look at the peacock below. Can you believe it’s built entirely from LEGO bricks? 68,827 of them to be precise. It took 625 hours to construct. And it’s only one of the many of sculptures that make up Nature Connects, a traveling art exhibition that currently has more than a dozen pieces of art on display at Leu Gardens in Florida.

Nature Connects Peacock

A stroll through these beautiful gardens reveals a deer family hiding in the bushes, an enormous orb weaver spider dangling from a live oak tree, a monarch butterfly hovering above milkweed, and much more. The displays are delighting kids and adults alike, awakening an interest in nature and the world around us.

Nature Connects Monarch

Nature Connects Hummingbird

It’s hard to see LEGOs without wanting to play with them, no matter what your age. That was certainly the case for artist Sean Kenney, who left behind a career in graphic design to become a full time LEGO sculptor. He doesn’t work for the LEGO company, but his artwork using those famous plastic bricks has led them them to recognize him as a LEGO Certified Professional, one of only 15 in the world. He’s written 9 books about building with LEGOs, including one that explores the incredible creations he’s brought to life through his art. In 2012, his award-winning exhibit Nature Connects began traveling the world, bringing his LEGO animals, plants, and more to appreciative audiences everywhere.

Nature Connects Pansy

Nature Connects Farmers

Nature Connects has 13 sculptures on display at Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida through April 22, 2018, including the pieces shown here. Other upcoming tour dates include the Huntsville Botanical Garden in Alabama, Louisville Zoo in Kentucky, and Green Bay Botanical Garden in Wisconsin, among others. See the full schedule here to see when these amazing pieces of artwork will be on display near you. You can also visit his website to view photos of dozens more of his sculptures.

Nature Connects Tortoise

Nature Connects Deer

Nature Connects Spider

Nature Connects Birdbath2

Nature Connects Birdbath

Nature Connects Dragonfly

Jill Staake
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