Quiz: How Many Butterflies Can You ID?

Take our butterfly challenge and see how many you know!

Gulf Fritillary butterflyCourtesy Steve Shattles

Answer: Gulf Fritillary

Rocky Mountain Parnassian butterflyCourtesy Steven Akre

Answer: Rocky Mountain Parnassian

Viceroy butterflyCourtesy Phylicia Clemens

Answer: Viceroy

Eastern Tailed-Blue butterflyCourtesy Bonnie Gates

Answer: Eastern Tailed-Blue

Common Wood-NymphCourtesy Kathleen Otto

Answer: Common Wood-Nymph

Monarch butterflyCourtesy Carroll Fibich

Answer: Monarch

Red-spotted purple butterflyCourtesy Ginny Phillips

Answer: Red-Spotted Purple

Zebra swallowtail butterflyCourtesy Laura Frazier

Answer: Zebra Swallowtail

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