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Updated: Mar. 08, 2024

The photo of this White-winged Dove was taken from my deck while I was sitting there watching the birds at the feeders. There are several species of doves that frequent the feeder and bird bath including Mourning Doves and Inca Doves. The White Wings are a popular species here in S. Texas and are hunted during a special hunting season. They are readily recognized by the white band running across the inward portion of the wing. They do winter here but also in Mexico. My camera is a Nikon 6ii and the lens is a Tamron 18- 400mm. The settings used for this photo are: ISO 500, 1/1600, f 7.1 at 400mm. I especially liked this photo for showing the dove’s beautiful coloring, especially the eye. This dove was perched on a weathered pole nearby.

white-winged doveCourtesy Vernon Carlson