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Updated: Feb. 17, 2022

I took this photo this past summer of a male Prothonotary Warbler delivering food to the babies inside his nest. Prothonotary Warbler‘s are one of my all-time favorite birds, and I was so excited to find a breeding pair of them along the Wisconsin River this past year. When I took this photo I was thrilled to get a nice image of this warbler stopping by his nest. I could hear the excited chirps of babies inside the tree cavity, but it wasn’t until I got home later and looked at this photo I realized you could see four hungry mouths inside awaiting their parents to bring them some food! Such an amazing birding experience! Photo taken at pine island state wildlife area. Photo taken with a Sony a1 camera and Sony 200-600mm zoom lens. Side note: this photo was taken from a respectful and safe distance from the nest, as to not disturb the birds. Photo was also taken in “silent mode” in camera.

prothonotary warbler feeding nestlingsCourtesy Andy Raupp