Finches and Buntings

From sociable finches to colorful buntings, these beautiful backyard birds can be seen across North America. Learn about the types of finches and buntings you can spot in your area, and find out how to attract them.

Irruption Alert: Look for Evening Grosbeaks at Bird Feeders

Backyard birders should watch for evening grosbeaks in winter 2020. The annual finch forecast also reveals other species you might see at feeders.

House Finches and Purple Finches: How to Tell the Difference

House finches and purple finches look very similar. Birding experts explain how backyard birders can identify these finches.

Meet the Towhees: The Birds Scratching Up a Storm in your Backyard

Look down! That noise under your shrubs is a shy, ground-feeding towhee in search of its next meal.

Spotted Towhee

Once grouped with its eastern counterpart in a species called the rufous-sided towhee, the Spotted Towhee now has its own...

Purple Finch

In late summer, the Purple Finch begins to molt, and in winter plumage, a male’s reddish areas appear frosted. With...