15 Super Colorful Spring Bird Photos

Spring is the season when color comes back into bloom. Celebrate with these vibrant bird photos!

Meet the colorful stars of the spring season! From sunny yellow warblers to pretty-in-pink roseate spoonbills, we’ve collected together some of our all-time favorite reader-submitted spring bird photos. You can submit your own beloved bird photo to us using our submission form. Happy Spring!

Ted Busby (B&B reader)

Yellow warbler

“We’ve been enjoying a recent warm spell, and it reminded me of this moment I once captured in our backyard with a yellow warbler.”

Ted Busby Carleton Place, Ontario

Bill Draker (B&B reader)

Painted bunting

“Painted buntings never fail to catch my eye with their brilliant array of colors. This particular bunting was perched on a thistle. I took its photo two springs ago in the Texas Hill Country.”

Bill Draker Bandera, Texas

Cathy Biliouris (B&B reader)

Purple finch and American goldfinch

“This purple finch and American goldfinch stopped by my backyard at the same time. They looked like they were annoyed with each other and didn’t want to share the feeder!”

Cathy Biliouris Ashby, Massachusetts

Bob Timmerman (B&B reader)

Eastern bluebird

“A territorial eastern bluebird attacked its reflection in my office window, so I raised the window and captured this image between assaults. The bird clearly wasn’t happy about it. Right after its photo session, it found a different window to strike.”

Bob Timmerman Murfreesboro, Tennessee

David Kassel (B&B reader)

Roseate spoonbill

“Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida, is a public nature center where visitors can see and photograph a variety of waterfowl and wading birds year-round. When I visit my mother in South Florida, we spend a couple of days at Green Cay. On this particular trip, several roseate spoonbills were perched at the top of a dead tree, which is not where I expected to see them. The contrast of their red plumage against the bright sky was superb.”

David Kassel Napa, California

Terri Chapman (B&B reader)

Orchard oriole

“Hundreds of birders visited the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia, California, to see this male orchard oriole. It created quit a buzz! I was happy to capture a photo of the bird as it landed on the orange trumpet flowers.”

Terri Chapman Burbank, California

Wyatt Earp (B&B reader)

Sandhill crane

“My wife and I live on Bird Island, a small residential island in a 6,000-acre lake in central Florida. It’s a designated bird sanctuary that is home to many waterfowl species. This photo shows one of the resident sandhill cranes. I photographed it and its mate from about 50 yards away, but this one crept closer to me until we were only 5 feet apart.”

Wyatt Earp Summerfield, Florida

David Nehls (B&B reader)

Scarlet tanager

This beautiful scarlet tanager ate the grape jelly I put out for the orioles. He visited for only a few short days before moving on, but I was fortunate enough to capture this picture before he went on his way.”

David Nehls Ionia, Iowa

John Thornton (B&B reader)

Prothonotary warbler

“My wife and I vacationed on South Padre Island, Texas, during the time when migratory birds from Central and South America cross the Gulf of Mexico and “fall out” onto the vegetation of the island. The birds stop to rest before they continue their flight north to the central and eastern United States. This gorgeous prothonotary warbler caught my eye, not only because of its bright yellow color but also because of the red blush on its head and throat, which is not characteristic of the species. As I photographed this bird, I determined that the red blush was from the pollen of the bottlebrush tree flowers where it had been searching for insects.”

John Thornton Stillwater, Oklahoma

Julie Gothrup (B&B reader)

Western tanager

“For the past 10 years, I’ve attempted to capture a clear photo of a western tanager, but they are always too fast. While vacationing in New Mexico last year, I had lunch at the Abiquiu Inn. As I sat outside, a beautiful male western tanager foraged under the trees. When he picked up this seed, I finally got my photo.”

Julie Gothrup Darby, Montana

David Nehls (B&B reader)

Indigo bunting

“This indigo bunting was a spring visitor last year. I was fortunate enough to capture this picture of him sitting on a thorny rosebush in our backyard perennial garden. He was like a flower among the thorns.”

David Nehls Ionia, Iowa

Valerie Begley (B&B reader)


“I think this photo perfectly illustrates the essence of Birds & Blooms magazine. This handsome male cardinal sang his heart out surrounded by the delicate blooms of a pear tree. I took this photo in Kentucky, and it shows just how beautiful spring is there.”

Valerie Begley The Villages, Florida

Roxanne Morgan (B&B reader)

Yellow warbler

“A gray day in March was a little brighter because of this sunny yellow warbler. It landed on a stump right in front of me and posed. The contrast between the warbler’s feathers and the environment was really striking.”

Roxanne Morgan Hokah, Minnesota

Bernard Creswick (B&B reader)

Tree swallows

“Two tree swallows were having an argument over housework when I found them in the Caratunk Audubon Refuge in Seekonk, Massachusetts. The house was one of several close to the trail, and these birds didn’t seem to mind when I set up my Nikon D7200 on a tripod. I spent quite a while on that beautiful April morning photographing all the activity.”

Bernard Creswick Raynham, Massachusetts