Feeding Hummingbirds by Hand

You’ll get a real thrill when you learn the five steps to feeding hummingbirds by hand!

It’s one thing for a hummingbird to eat from a container that you’re holding. But it’s another thing to actually feel one of these jeweled fliers on your hand. Abigail Alfano from Covington, Louisiana was determined to touch a hummingbird without harming it, and with a little practice and patience, she finally did. Here’s how she did it.

Five Steps to Feeding Hummingbirds by Hand

  1. Begin by attracting hummingbirds to your yard by offering multiple sugar-water feeders.
  2. As the traffic around your feeding area increases, start spending time out there so the hummingbirds get used to you. Even if you scare them off at first, be patient. They will come back.
  3. Once they get used to your presence, hold the sugar-water feeder in your hand. If you are patient, they should eventually start feeding from the one you’re holding.
  4. When you have good hummingbird traffic one day, remove your other feeders. Next, place a small feeder filled with sugar water in the palm of your hand (Abigail used an old milk jug lid).
  5. Now you just have to sit outside and wait. If you choose a day with good hummingbird traffic and remove the other food sources, you’ll have better chances. Be patient and stick with it. You just might feel the flutter of a hummingbird in your hand!

Stacy Tornio
Stacy Tornio is a freelance writer and author with more than 15 gardening and outdoorsy books. She tries to get as much sunshine as possible and is currently on a quest to see all the national parks in North America.