Backyard Projects

From whimsical to budget friendly, transform your home and garden with these backyard projects and DIY ideas that are simple to fun to make!

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DIY Garlic Spray to Keep Bugs Away

One of my favorite vegetables to grow is garlic. Besides loving to eat food with lots of garlic in it,

Fourth of July: Tin Can Patriotic Planters

Make this easy and inexpensive Fourth of July outdoor decoration

Tips for Growing Birdhouse Gourds

Learn gardening tips for growing birdhouse gourds that are perfect homes for your cavity nesting birds, such as swallows and...

Recycled Backyard: Tire Gardens

Got some old tires on hand? Building a tire garden is easy!

Create an Instant Indoor Garden Using Carrot Tops

Next time you are chopping carrots for soup or making carrot sticks, don't throw out the tops. Plant them instead...

Transform a Fountain Into a Garden Planter

Do you have fountain or other water feature that you no longer use? Transform it into a planter, filled with...

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DIY Hanging Birdbath

As I promised in an earlier post, here’s my version of a hanging birdbath. Supplies… Terracotta saucer (8.5″ diameter) All-purpose

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Build a rustic orchard bee house

With all the talk about the threat to our honey bees, it is easy to forget that there are many