Backyard Projects

From whimsical to budget friendly, transform your home and garden with these backyard projects and DIY ideas that are simple to fun to make!

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Feeding Birds with Recycled Baskets

Save money by feeding birds from baskets found at thrift and other bargain stores.

Garden DIY Herb Markers

We love this project because it’s an excuse to buy more wine! Just save your corks to use as Garden...

3-Tiered Stacked Planter

Give your front porch a fresh and colorful facelift with this stacked planter project.

How to Make a DIY Squirrel Feeder

Most people enjoy the antics of squirrels in their backyard. This DIY Squirrel Feeder provides an unusually clear view of...

DIY Mini Bud Vase Magnets

Turn small bottles into bud vase magnets for refrigerators or office filing cabinets.

Mini Seed Box Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Turn colorful seed packets into DIY garden projects perfect for gifting on Valentine's Day!

Easy Winter Container Garden Arrangement

Winter doesn’t mean your front porch containers have to be empty! Add a few dried stems and berries to create...

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Creating a Garden Gift Basket

Have you ever been given a gift basket loaded with all sorts of goodies? Garden gift baskets are fun to

How to Gift Wrap a Potted Plant

Cookie tins from the dollar store make the perfect colorful containers for holiday plant gifts.

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Decorate Your Christmas Table Via the Produce Aisle

Does your tabletop look a bit bare this holiday season? Wouldn’t it be great if you could add a festive

Copper Wreath Project

This wreath project uses copper tubing and a DIY papier-mâché bird to create a new decoration for your front door.

Quick and Easy Garden Ideas

Time-strapped gardeners can complete these quick and easy garden ideas before the sun goes down.

Plastic Bottle Crafts: Garden Flowers

Pull a few plastic bottles out of the recycling bin, and create these easy garden flowers!

DIY Recycled Garden Sign

Put your own personal touch on this project to create a recycled garden sign the whole neighborhood will love.

DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Nature Lovers

Create one-of-a-kind presents this year with these DIY gift basket ideas.

Nature-Inspired Clothespin Craft Project

Clothespin craft projects are easy and fun. Use our patterns to create hummingbird or butterfly clothespins.

DIY Garden Signs from Tree Rounds

Use slices cut from a fallen limb or tree trunk to create DIY garden signs or tree cookies to identify...

The Best Plants to Grow Against a Fence

Get creative tips for dressing up a bare fence with plants. Discover some of the best plants to grow against...

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Natural DIY Air Freshener Recipes

Do you like your home to smell nice and fresh? What if you could create your own ‘natural’ air fresheners

Stylish DIY Birdhouse Designs

Using a simple kit, learn how to make a birdhouse unique. These DIY birdhouse designs are bird-friendly but full of...

Vintage Teapot DIY Wind Chimes

Turn a vintage teapot into musical DIY wind chimes with this elegant garden craft.

Tomato Cage DIY Bird Feeder

Recycle an old tomato cage into a DIY bird feeder that will have you attracting birds for less.

Stacked Garden Planter with DIY Fountain

This surprisingly easy garden project combines stacked garden planters with a solar-powered DIY fountain.

Simple Homemade Birdbath

This homemade birdbath is easy enough for anyone to make, and inexpensive too!

How to Make a DIY Silverware Suet Feeder

Offer your backyard birds some suet in a unique homemade bird feeder made from recycled silverware.

Sew a Tote Bag for Garden Tools

Sew your own canvas tool tote bag with this garden crafts project. Makes a great gift for gardening friends!

River Rock Bowling Ball Garden Art

This garden craft uses river rock to create “strike-ing” bowling ball garden art!