Easy DIY Fall Pumpkin Garden Stakes

This adorable fall craft uses pumpkins from the dollars store and metal garden stakes for a decorative fall display.

Need a quick and easy garden decoration for fall? These pumpkin garden stakes cost me just a few dollars to make and were extremely easy. I’m not much of an artist, so I cheated by picking up some resin pumpkins at the dollar store. Try hitting your own bargain store to find some decor that you like. Just make sure it will hold up to outdoor weather. Then, find a few plant props hanging out in your garage, add a little outdoor glue, and you’re all set!

Fall Pumpkin Garden Stakes

What You Need:

  • Pumpkins or other figurines with a fairly flat base for attaching the plant prop
  • Plant props (1 per plant, be sure they’re sturdy)
  • Outdoor epoxy (hot glue will probably work too)

Pumpkin Stakes Supplies

How to Make Pumpkin Stakes:

  • Remove any labels from the bottoms of your figurines. Turn them upside down on a stable surface. I rested mine in some drinking glasses for stability.
  • Apply glue to figurines and/or plant props as directed.
  • Press into plant prop into place and allow to dry. You’re done!

Pumpkin Stakes Instructions

This fall craft literally cost me just $3 total, because I had the plant props on hand. I’ve seen similar garden decor stakes being sold for as much as $10 each! You don’t have to use pumpkins—choose whatever strikes your fancy. What will you add to your garden this fall?

Jill Staake
Jill lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes about gardening, butterflies, outdoor projects and birding. When she's not gardening, you'll find her reading, traveling and happily digging her toes into the sand on the beach.