Vintage Teapot DIY Wind Chimes

Turn a vintage teapot into musical DIY wind chimes with this elegant garden craft.

Vintage teapots are readily available at thrift stores and garage sales. Use one that catches your eye for this garden craft project to create unique and elegant DIY wind chimes. You can also use an old sugar bowl, gravy boat or other dining accessory. Let your imagination lead the way!


  • Vintage teapot
  • Silver-plated flatware, 5 pieces
  • Formula 409 cleaner
  • Black permanent marker
  • Bench drill with 3/32-in. drill bit
  • Tiger tail jewelry wire, about 60 in.
  • Glass beads, assorted
  • Crimps and end pieces for jewelry beading
  • Fishing tackle parts (a crimp and a snap swivel)
  • Pliers

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Clean the silver items thoroughly. I used Formula 409 and lots of elbow grease to get the grime off.

Step 2

Decide where you want your chimes to hang from the teapot. For a teapot like this one, I wanted four chimes to hang around the outside perimeter of the teapot and one chime to hang from the center. Mark the holes with a permanent marker.

Mark the spots on the top of the teapot where you’d like the beaded strands for hanging. For most teapots, four evenly spaced points will probably be best.

Step 3

Drill each marked hole with the bench drill and drill bit. Also drill a hole at the bottom (stem end) of each piece of silverware.

Step 4

Cut the wire to desired lengths and bead each strand as desired. Attach the silverware to the strands by looping the wire through the holes and attaching with a crimp.

Step 5

Thread the ends of the strands through the holes and affix with crimps or end pieces. In the same way, attach the top beaded strands for hanging.

Step 6

To hold the top strands together for hanging, I used fishing tackle parts. Thread the wire through the crimp, add the snap swivel and then push the wire back through the crimp and close with pliers. Hang and enjoy!