Mini Seed Box Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Turn colorful seed packets into DIY garden projects perfect for gifting on Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so keep yourself busy during these mid-winter cold snaps by dreaming of spring and creating easy miniature seed box gifts for fellow garden lovers on that special day! This DIY garden project is a great way to surprise co-workers or friends just in time for them to start seeds indoors for spring.

Seed Box Gifts at BirdsandBlooms.comJill Staake
Jill Staake Simple, colorful, and economical seed box gifts are fun for Valentine’s Day!

The supplies are simple, and inexpensive too. Depending on the seeds you choose, you can easily make these little boxes for about $2 apiece, and even less if you grab the boxes on sale at your local craft store. Here’s what you’ll need:

Seed Box Gifts MaterialsJill Staake
Choose colorful seed packets with photos or illustrations large enough to cover the lids of the boxes.
  • Pasteboard heart-shaped mini boxes
  • Seed packets – 1 per box
  • Mod Podge or other decoupage glue
  • Scissors and sponge brush
  • Ribbon

What to Do:

Begin by emptying the seeds from one packet into a small bowl and set aside. Slit both sides and flatten the seed  packet as shown.

Seed Box Gifts Step 1

Use a pencil to trace the shape of the lid onto the front of the seed packet, and cut out the heart. Trim it until it is just slightly smaller than the size of the lid. Also, cut out the name of the seeds and trim to fit on the back of the bottom of the box.

Seed Box Gifts Step 1

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the top and bottom of the box, and press the cut outs into place. Allow to dry, then apply a second thin coat of Mod Podge to seal.

Seed Box Gifts Step 3

Pour the seeds into the appropriate boxes. If seeds are extremely small, you may wish to pour them into a small glassine envelope or plastic bag first. Trim the instructions from the seed packets and tuck them into the boxes on top of the seeds.

Seed Box Gifts Step 4

Finish by putting the lids on the boxes and then securing them into place with a small piece of ribbon. You’re all set to gift!

These easy DIY garden projects would be great for kids to make too, perhaps for their teachers on Valentine’s Day. They’re economical enough to make for favors for a wedding or baby shower, or a garden party lunch with your friends. A heart-shaped mini seed box is great for Valentine’s Day, but these boxes come in other shapes too. What would you use this project for? We’d love to hear about your experience!

Jill Staake
Jill lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes about gardening, butterflies, outdoor projects and birding. When she's not gardening, you'll find her reading, traveling and happily digging her toes into the sand on the beach.