Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Use dried beans and grains to create this easy DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece in a flash!

Looking for a simple decoration for the holiday table? This DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece can be assembled in minutes, the beans and grains are readily available in any grocery store, and when the holiday is over you can use the jar fillers for winter soups and stews!

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Containers: I used small decorative glass milk bottles. You can also use mason jars, vases, small bowls, etc.

Lettering: I used small chipboard letters from the scrapbooking section and glued them into place. You could also use stickers or do the lettering yourself with paint.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Fillers: Fill each container using the following (I needed about 1.25 cups each, but that may vary based on the containers you choose). Do not fill completely to the top as you’ll need room for the candles.

  • Barley (uncooked)
  • Red Beans (dried)
  • Black Beans (dried)
  • Lentils (uncooked)
  • Split Peas (uncooked)
  • Popcorn (unpopped)

Finish: Insert a taper candle into each bottle, pushing it down firmly among the beans or grains. If desired tie ribbon or twine around the mouths of the bottles.

Tip: If you want to be able to cook with the beans and grains later, consider using electric or dripless taper candles, or cut a small circle of cardboard to protect the edibles from wax drippings.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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