DIY Tin Can Herb Tabletop Set

Welcome spring with an easy-to-make tabletop herb garden.


  • 3 recycled soup cans
  • metal pie plate
  • 3 herb plants
  • potting soil
  • small decorative rocks
  • burlap ribbon, extra-wide
  • burlap lace ribbons, various widths
  • jute twine
  • 3 flat wood ovals
  • 3 wood skewers
  • card stock scraps
  • 3 oval stickers, black
  • fine-point paint pen, white
  • drill
  • glue gun
  • craft glue

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Remove labels from cans. Wash cans with soap and water, removing any label residue.

Step 2

Drill a small hole through the bottom of each can for drainage. Repot each plant in a can, adding potting soil as needed.

Step 3

Wrap a piece of extra-wide ribbon around each can; overlap ends. Fold overlapping edge under to create a hem; hot-glue hem.

Step 4

Wrap a piece of lace ribbon around the wide ribbon on each can, varying the lace widths among the cans, and glue as in Step 3, positioning the overlapped ends over the previous ends.

Step 5

Trace wood oval on wide burlap ribbon and cut out 3 burlap ovals. Using craft glue, adhere a burlap oval to each wood oval, matching edges. Trim edges to neaten, if needed.

Step 6

Hot-glue a border of twine around the burlap oval edges for a finished look.

Step 7

For each plant marker, use paint pen to write an herb name on a sticker. Attach sticker to a card stock scrap, and trim card edge even with sticker. Hot-glue sticker assembly to the center of a burlap oval.

Step 8

Hot-glue the blunt end of a skewer to the back of each assembled herb marker. Let dry completely.

Step 9

Place plants in pie plate. Add markers. Arrange rocks around cans in pie plate as desired.