How to Create a Pumpkin Bouquet

Use real or craft pumpkins as vases to display a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers. Follow these easy steps for a festive fall display.

I just love this time of year and reminders of fall are all around me. Especially when I venture to my local market where huge displays of pumpkins for sale beckon to me.

A few years ago, our oldest daughter got married in November and we decided to use pumpkins for the centerpieces. But that’s not all. We used pumpkins as vases for the flowers. It was easy to do and made a beautiful, long lasting floral arrangement.

pumpkin bouquetNoelle Johnson
Pumpkin Bouquet

How to Create a Pumpkin Bouquet

  1. Select a medium-sized pumpkin (at least 1 ft in size) and cut out the top.
  2. Scoop out the seeds (save them for feeding to the birds)
  3. Place a small plastic or glass container inside the pumpkin that won’t stick up above the top of the hole.
  4. If using fresh flowers, fill the container halfway with water and add your flowers. For a more secure bouquet, you can put floral foam (soaked in water) inside of the container and stick your flowers in that if you prefer. Sunflowers, yellow or burgundy-colored mums and daisies make great choices for your pumpkin bouquet. Finish it off with some spiky, vertical accent foliage.
  5. Instead of using fresh flowers, you can use dried flowers. Just skip adding water.

For a longer lasting arrangement, you can use an artificial pumpkin that are available at your local craft store.  It is very easy to cut out the top and you can reuse it every year.

So, are looking for new things to do with pumpkins this fall?  Try creating your own pumpkin bouquet! Next, learn how to make a tipsy pumpkin planter.

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