Make a DIY Spiderweb Halloween Planter

Assemble this slightly spooky Halloween planter with a few inexpensive items from the dollar store. Then fill it with fall flowers for a festive fall look.

Looking for a way to dress up the front porch to welcome trick-or-treaters without being too scary? This Spiderweb Halloween Planter costs less than $3 and takes just a few minutes to assemble.

Spiderweb Halloween PlanterJill Staake
Too chilly in your area for live plants outside by Halloween? Use this planter to display artificial flowers or even offer Halloween treats instead.

Spiderweb Halloween Planter Materials:

  • Plastic spiderweb basket (check your local dollar store—that’s where I found this one)
  • Orange plastic bowl that fits just inside basket
  • Black twine
  • Drill with 1/8 inch drill bit
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Spiderweb Halloween Planter


  1. Turn bowl over and lay spiderweb basket overtop. On the rim of the bowl, mark four equidistant spots around the bowl by the spokes of the basket.
  2. Remove spiderweb basket and drill holes by the four marks. Drill very slowly and apply gentle pressure to keep bowl from cracking. If you’ll be adding real flowers to the planter, turn bowl over and drill several drainage holes in the bottom in the same way.Spiderweb Halloween Planter 4
  3. Cut a 4 foot length of black twine. Thread it around a basket spoke and pull it even. Thread both ends through one of the holes from the bottom as shown.
  4. Turn bowl and basket over. Pull twine all the way through and knot close to the rim of the bowl. Repeat for the other three holes.
  5. Gather the twine ends together and tie at the desired length for hanging. Tie a second knot a little above the first to make a hanging loop. Trim excess thread.
  6. Add plants (real or artificial) and hang!

Spiderweb Halloween Planter

Jill Staake
Jill lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes about gardening, butterflies, outdoor projects and birding. When she's not gardening, you'll find her reading, traveling and happily digging her toes into the sand on the beach.