How to Make a Halloween Haystack

Scare up some Halloween fun on your porch with these silly straw-bale monsters.

Transform straw bales into scary-cool outdoor Halloween decorations with a few items from the hardware store. It’s easy to make a spooky spider, a cheery mummy, or a grinning Frankenstein’s monster with just a handful of supplies. You can choose to make just one or recreate all three! Greet this year’s trick-or-treaters with this Halloween haystack trio. If it just doesn’t feel like Halloween without decorating a few pumpkins, check out our Chevron No-Carve Pumpkin (all you need is painter’s tape and spray paint!).

This craft originally appeared in Country Woman magazine.


  • 3 straw bales
  • Spray paint in green, black, and white
  • Craft foam sheets in green, black, and white
  • Foam piping, black (1/2-in.)
  • Bendable aluminum rods (3/16-in. diameter x .035 gauge)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Glue gun

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

For all three creatures, spray-paint the straw bales first and let them dry. (If using 2 colors, let the first color dry before applying the next.)

Step 2

Cut out the eyes and mouth from craft foam and hot-glue them to the painted bales.

Note: Straw bales can be decorated horizontally or vertically. Find aluminum tubing at your local hardware store.

Step 3

Frankenstein’s Monster

Spray-paint the lower 3/4 of straw bale green and the top 1/4 black. Add a stitches scar of black craft foam. Make neck bolts by hot-gluing 2-in. lengths of foam piping to either side of the bale.

Step 4


To get the leg length, start with your measuring tape at the top of the bale and curve it as you unroll, forming an arc to the ground. Cut 6 lengths of foam piping to this measurement. Fit aluminum rods inside each leg, leaving 6-8 in. exposed at one end. Hot-glue rod to foam. Poke exposed rod end into the top of the bale and curve each leg into position.

Step 5


Wrap the bale in cheesecloth and hot-glue in plate.