DIY Garden Wagon Seat

Transform the classic little red wagon into a charming seat. Whether you’re doing fall yard cleanup or spring planting, this wagon lounge goes where you go.


Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon with rim (any model)

4×8-ft. sheet of 5/8-in. thick exterior- grade plywood

1×2-in. piece of wood to surround wagon perimeter

2×6-in. board the desired width of the bench seat and back

3-in. square posts


Construction adhesive

Screw gun

Wood screws

Exterior latex semi- gloss primer and paint

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Create the bench seat by flipping the wagon upside down and tracing its outline in pencil at one end of the plywood. Add 2 5 ⁄8-in. to all four sides, then cut out with a jigsaw.

Step 2

Measure and cut another piece from the plywood that is slightly less than the interior dimensions of the wagon to create a stabilizer panel. Screw the stabilizer panel to the center of the bench seat. Drop bench seat onto the wagon, so that the stabilizer panel sits inside.

Step 3

Measure and cut a 1×2-in. board so that it’s long enough to surround the wagon’s perimeter. Depending on the size of your wagon, you may need to use more than one board.

Step 4

Screw the board into the bench seat’s underside where it hangs over the rim of the wagon. There should be a 5 ⁄8-in. space around the perimeter of the plywood. By sandwiching the wagon rim between the bench seat and board, the entire bench assemblage will be secured to the wagon. (Tip: This is easiest to do with the wagon assemblage flipped upside down.)

Step 5

Draw your bench back onto the plywood and cut out with a jigsaw. The bench back should be the same width as the bench seat.

Make decorative flowers to dress up your seat!

Step 6

Cut a 2×6-in. board to the width of the bench seat. Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the board and attach to the back of the bench seat. Screw in place from the bottom of the bench seat and the bench back to secure.

Step 7

Measure and cut armrests out of 3-in. posts. Apply construction adhesive and screw into place from the bottom of the bench seat, making sure the armrests are flush with the front of the bench seat and fit snugly against the bench back.

Step 8

Measure and draw the decorative apron for the bench seat out of remaining plywood. Screw the decorative apron to the 1×2-in. board (or boards) from Step 3. The apron should be flush with the front edge of the bench seat.


Step 9

Prime and paint, then add your favorite cushions and pillows!

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