Burning Beauty

Build your own birdhouse from scratch and add a personal touch with a burned-in pattern.


Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Measure and cut the pine board into 5 pieces:

A. 10-in. piece for front

B. 10-in. piece for roof

C. 7¾-in. piece for back

D. 18-in. piece for sides

E. 4-in. piece for floor

Save the remaining scrap board for wood-burning practice.

Step 2

For sides, on D, measure and mark 8 in. along the top and 10 in. along the bottom. Draw a line connecting the points. Cut along this diagonal to yield 2 pieces, each with an 8-in. and a 10-in. side.

Step 3

With spade bit or hole saw, on A (front), drill entrance hole 2 to 2½ in. from a short side.

Step 4

On front side of A, drill through each corner with a narrow bit, then attach A to 10-in. sides of D with four 15/8-in. deck screws.

Step 5

Attach C (back) to center of the 8-in. sides of D with two 2-in. finishing nails. Predrill holes in C using a slightly smaller bit.

Step 6

Cut about ½ in. off each corner of E (floor) for drainage gaps when house is complete.

Step 7

Set the floor ¼ in. up from the bottom of the house, then attach it with four 2-in. finishing nails at the sides and back. (Do not nail the floor at the front, or you won’t be able to unscrew the birdhouse front for cleaning.)

Step 8

Attach B (roof) to top at sides with four 15/8-in. deck screws. Predrill holes in B with a narrow bit.

Step 9

Sand the exterior of the birdhouse smooth, including the entrance hole, with fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 10

Use carbon paper to trace a design onto the wood, or draw it freehand.

Step 11

With burner pen at desired temperature, follow the pattern, being careful not to put too much pressure on the pen tip. When the pattern is finished, hang the birdhouse in your favorite backyard spot.

Alison Auth
Alison Auth makes crafts with her love of wildlife in mind. She enjoys beckoning birds to her backyard and creating an oasis for butterflies with beautiful plants.