Top 10 Container Foliage Plants

Small space gardening is a cinch when you use these colorful foliage plants to make all your containers perfect 10s.

Foliage plants are the ultimate accessories for container and small space gardens. Sure, you can still have a lovely little display with blooms alone, but adding striking leaves and grasses here and there really gives your containers new life. Try a few of these Top 10 foliage plants in your containers this season.

Solomon’s seal

(Polygonatum, Zones 3-9)

A perennial favorite in the garden, it’s now an elegant choice for containers as well. This plant has beautiful arching foliage with tiny flowers that peek out from under the leaves. It grows 6 inches to 3 feet in partially shaded areas.

Why we love it: Even though the flowers are short-lived, they have a delicate look that’s hard to resist. For pink blooms, try Polygonatum stewartianum. For the traditional white blossoms and variegated foliage, pick Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’.

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  1. Phyllis Fleming says

    You really have to watch the creeping Jenny, it will take over everything and seemingly overnight — it is a lot like Kudsu (sp) in the south. Also, once it has a root in I have not found a way to eradicate it. It is one tough hardy plant.

    • June King says

      I am in total agreement with Phyllis. I find that
      to keep it from taking over, I try to have a lot
      of it in pots. It’s very pretty cascading over the edge, but watch out! Don’t let it touch the
      ground. It is very pretty, and adds a lovely
      color to the garden.

      June King

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