Top 10 Shade Tolerant Coral Bells

Discover why these fabulous shade tolerant beauties are some of the best-kept secrets in the garden. You’re going to wonder how you ever got along without these powerhouse plants!

Once you start growing coral bells, you won’t be able to stop. Yet they are among the most underused plants in the garden. These charmers (also known as heucheras) are shade tolerant, their foliage is striking and their blooms attract hummingbirds. Trust me: You’re going to wonder how you ever got along without these powerhouse plants. There are dozens of varieties of coral bells out there, so think of this list as a starting point. Once you figure out what you’re drawn to—orange leaves, red blooms, variegated foliage—start looking around for more. The sheer number of options will blow you away, and then you can start spreading the news to others!

Blackberry Ice

Zones 4-9

This reddish-purple variety is part of the popular heat-tolerant Dolce series. Take a close look at the leaves, and you’ll see black veining. While some heucheras bloom in spring, this one shows off pretty white blossoms in midsummer.

More dark foliage: Chocolate Ruffles, Lava Lamp

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    • Sheila Susen says

      You didn’t say which planting zone you live in. I’m in Northern Vermont and have many in my garden. I give them a good dose of compost – dig a ‘trench’ around each plant and work the compost in the soil. I also cover the whole garden with mulch for the winter, and let the leaves which fall from the trees, stay on the garden until spring. Good luck!

  1. Dane says

    I never realized there were so many types of corel bells. I have 3 of the variety above but will be looking for more variety next Spring. I want to keep them in the front garden but they are in full sun. Any suggestion on what I could plant around them to block some of the direct sun? I have to water them daily on hot Michigan summer days to keep them alive.. but they do produce beautiful tiny flowers in late summer.

  2. DKC says

    My coral bells never bloom either. They are beautiful and come back fuller each year though. I mulch and fertilize, mulch again in fall. I live in zone 8.

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