Top 10 Summer-Blooming Shrubs

Attract hummingbirds and butterflies with these summer-blooming shrubs that provide a robust nectar source in your own backyard.

Gorgeous springtime blossoms…fantastic fall color…tasty winter berries: When it comes to shrubs, these come to mind first. But superb summertime blooms? Yes, actually! You can find a whole slew of shrubs that flower in summer, which makes them outstanding nectar sources for hummingbirds. So we couldn’t think of a more fitting issue than our annual hummingbird special for our Top 10 summer-blooming shrubs. Add a couple of these summer-blooming shrubs to your backyard, and you’ll keep the hummingbirds (and butterflies) happy for years to come.


(Hydrangea, Zones 3 to 10)

Gardeners have relied on hydrangeas for years to provide showy summer color. Easy to care for, they happily flower even in partial shade. Bigleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) are ideal for mild climates but usually won’t flower in regions with cold winters. In those areas, try cultivars of sevenbark hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens), which typically produce big white blooms.

Favorites: You’ll find all sorts of new hydrangeas on the market. Among our favorites are the new pink Annabelle options—either the Invincibelle Spirit cultivar, or Bella Anna in the Endless Summer line.

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  1. says

    wish I had my OWN backyard to attract the little hummers with plants that draw them! I do miss my folks summer house with 2 hummer feeders!! Watched them close up as the back door window – about 4 foot away! If you stay very quiet, they will stick around & feed while you watch!

  2. Peggy S says

    Another great summer bloomer is hypericum. The one I have also gets great berries that turn from pink to black, and the leaves turn color well. It is a fairly low mound.

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