Top 10 Shrubs for Small Spaces

Yes, you do have room for an extra shrub or two—all of our picks for the top 10 shrubs for small spaces are under 5 feet tall!

You have a very small backyard, perhaps just a patio, yet you still want to grow shrubs. Or maybe you have a good-size yard, but it’s filled to the max. Your significant other has even made threats that start with: “If you buy one more plant, I’ll.…” Or perhaps you just like miniatures because they’re so darn cute!

It doesn’t matter what your story is: Nearly everyone can find a use for a small shrub. So many kinds are available that it may seem impossible to choose just one or two, but you’ll certainly have fun trying. Use our top 10 picks as your guide to the best of the best shrubs for small spaces.

Bella Anna hydrangea

(Hydrangea arborescens, Zones 4 to 9)

Some hydrangeas grow tall while others are compact, but all boast beautiful blooms. The pink Bella Anna is fairly new to the market, and it has gardeners excited. Grow it in full sun to partial shade; it reaches up to 3 feet. Pay close attention to plant labels for other small-space hydrangeas.

Why we love it:  A hydrangea with pink blooms: Need we say more?

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