Top 10 Flowering Shrubs

Perennials and annuals aren’t the only plants that provide color in the garden. These flowering shrubs and flowering bushes will add magnificent scents and colors to your yard.


Hydrangea spp. • Zones 4 to 10

The sight of one of these beauties is sure to conjure up memories of Grandma’s garden. The showy shrub has long been a favorite of gardeners looking for an easy-care plant that flowers even in partial shade. Bigleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) are perfect for mild climates but usually won’t flower in regions with cold winters. In these areas, try cultivars of sevenbark hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens), which produce huge spheres of densely packed white blooms.

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  1. says

    Many of our favorite flowering shrubs, too. Weigela shrubs are so underused in home landscapes, especially variegated weigela which is quite striking even after the blooms end.
    So glad to see viburnum on your list. Viburnums are such reliable bloomers and they don’t often make top flowering shrub lists.

    • sylvia says

      Mine hasnt bloomed for.3 years. Ice storms get it. Same way with me weigle and bridal wreath this year.

  2. Niki says

    I have one of these in my yard that’s been there for many years. My house was built in 1942. It has gotten out of control and I need know how to prune it. Will it grow back if I cut it to the ground after it blooms?

  3. Janet Stewared says

    We have a bush in our yard (we called it a burning bush) It’s leaves turn bright Red in the fall. What is it? The center of it did not flower this spring, what might be the cause of this?
    We have another one 20′ from this one and it is fine.

    • Daphne Harrah says

      Hi Janet…you have a euonymus. I have 2 in my yard and I love it when the leaves turn a brilliant red.

  4. Janet Stewared says

    In my previous comment, I said it did not flower this spring. It never flowers it just get leaves and they turn red.

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