Flowering Trees for Your Backyard

Flowering trees just might be the best of both worlds! You get the height and size of a tree, plus the beauty of blooms and sometimes even sweet aromas. Check out our nine favorites and get tree growing tips for your yard.

Fringe Tree

Chionanthus virginicus • Zones 3 to 9

We don’t know which we like more: The fringe tree’s captivating silhouette or its panicles of sweetly scented creamy-white flowers. This tree usually starts from seed and grows very slowly, reaching only about 20 feet. But even at an average of 6 inches a year, this delicate tree is worth the wait.

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  1. Mary Polansky says

    I have two Natchez crape myrtles that are about 20 feet tall. Everyone calls them bridal bouquets when they bloom. They started out as spindly 2′ ones which we rescued.

  2. mamie says

    Awesome! We have lived in a rental in northern IN for two years come June, and we have a spring-blooming redbud that I never knew was a redbud until I saw this Google+ post! Now it makes sense that my favorite tavern/restaurant in the area is on Redbud Trail :) when in bloom, it really brings summer into view. The tree…not the tavern!


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