Top 10 Year-Round Perennials

Want a garden that’s beautiful all year long? It’s possible with these backyard gardening picks for year-round perennials.

Having a beautiful garden every month of the year can be quite a challenge. Depending on where you live, your growing conditions can make choosing the right plants for year-round appeal a difficult task. But we’re here to make it easier. Just incorporate a few of these top selections for year-round perennials, and you’ll be sure to have a touch of beauty in every single season.

Perennial geranium

(Geranium, Zones 3 to 8)

Certain species of the popular perennial geranium have lovely fall color that may persist through winter as well. Depending on the variety, many perennial geraniums grow about 18 inches tall and spread to 24 inches wide.

Why we love it: We love when a flower that’s known for its spring beauty bewitches us in the fall. Try Biokovo Karmina for a long-lasting fall show, or Brookside, with sapphire-blue flowers and lacy dark-green foliage that turns reddish-orange in fall.

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  1. joann says

    My sedum would be top heavy every fall, some where I heard or read to cut off the top of the plant in early June and it has worked well for years. It is hard to cut the tops off but you have to do it to get the beautiful stand up color in the fall.

  2. says

    top selections for year-round perennials, and many blooms are becoming brighter as summer fades into autumn. Their flower color improves as the temperatures cool.

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