Top 10 New Plants for 2014

It’s time to celebrate! The garden world is abuzz over this year’s arrivals, and we're sharing our list of top 10 new plants for 2014.

It’s time to celebrate! I’m talking about new plants, of course. Every spring we select 10 newcomers that we think home gardeners ought to be aware of. I’ll be honest: It would be really easy for me to fill the list with plants that just look darn cool (green blooms! ruffled hostas!), so I knew I needed the help of a real expert. And there’s no one better than our very own garden guru, Melinda Myers. We put our heads together and came up with this list of 10 amazing new cultivars. Read on to discover why Melinda felt these plants deserved a coveted spot on our list.

Keep in mind that these plants are so new that they’re sometimes not readily available in their first year. Think of them as cultivars that should be on your radar. Perhaps you had your eye on a plant from last year’s list; in most cases it should be ready for purchase this year. So check out our 2013 list for more exciting “new to you” plants!

Sweet Black Cherry dianthus

Dianthus, annual

There’s a lot of excitement about the stellar performance of Sweet Black Cherry dianthus.
Punch-colored blooms sit atop 18- to 36-inch plants, making them ideal for the front of a border or in containers. This dianthus prefers full sun and is known to be deer-resistant.

Why Melinda loves it: This one is nothing if not a reliable bloomer. Enjoy a steady show of uniquely colored flower clusters from early spring all the way into autumn.

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