Top 10 Foolproof Plants for Kids

Get kids excited about gardening with some gardening basics and our list of foolproof plants for little ones.

The best plants for kids are the ones they want to grow. I’ve been gardening with my children since they were old enough to eat the dirt (the older one is 10 now), and they enjoy the experience so much more when they get in there and pick out their own plants or seed packets. However, it doesn’t hurt to try to steer them in the right direction. Load up the little one in your life and hit the garden center to pick out one of these perfect plants for kids.

Don’t Forget the Veggies

We kept our main list focused on flowers, but kids will dig growing veggies, too.

  • Carrots. The seeds sometimes need a little extra germination time, but when kids finally get to pull them from the ground, the look on their faces will be pure awe.
  • Peas. They’re easy to grow, and so delicious to eat straight from the garden.
  • Corn. Kids love it when the stalks grow taller than their heads. Grow corn in at least a 4- x 4-ft. block.
  • Potatoes. Harvesting them is like a treasure hunt. Plant in a container, so kids can dump it out and really dig in to find the potatoes.


Petunia, annual

Petunias seem to get better and better. They come in pretty much every color you can imagine, and they’re so low-maintenance you can put them in a container and forget about them for a few days. They might wilt a little bit, but give them some water and they’ll perk right up.

Kid appeal: Deadheading is so much fun for kids. Teach them how to deadhead petunias, and then watch them be impressed when new blooms emerge.

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