28 Recycled Garden Ideas

Everyone loves a bargain, but gardeners are an especially resourceful bunch. Reuse odds and ends (you may already have around the house) with these recycled garden ideas!

Wine Bottles

Enjoy your favorite wine even after the last sip.

  1. Make a bottle tree in your backyard and train colorful flowering vines to climb it. Clematis, trumpet vine or morning glory will give you a simple, sweet look.
  2. Plant bottles upside down around a garden bed or path for a whimsical edging.
  3. Fill bottles with water, flip them upside down in your planters, and they’ll slowly water your plants, in case you forget or are going out of town.
  4. Write plant names on wine corks; stick them on skewers and use them as garden markers.

Bonus Tip: Take it up a notch! When upcycling for the backyard, nothing is off limits. Be creative, think outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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