Garden Bugs

Garden bugs in the backyard are not always a bad thing. We're breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly so you can keep harmful garden insect pests away.

Good Bugs For Your Garden

Good Bugs For Your Garden

Among the hundreds of thousands of bug species, not all of them are bad for your yard. Learn the good bugs for your garden and find out how to attract then to your yard.

Garden Bugs Ladybird Beetle

Beetles: Beneficial Garden Bugs

Japanese beetles are an unwelcome sight to most gardeners, but there are plenty of beetles that are actually good bugs for your garden.

Attracting Butterflies

Butterfly Host Plants Facts

It takes more than nectar to increase the variety of species in your garden. Learn about butterfly host plants and which ones to choose.

Common Pollinators

Blog: Common Garden Pollinators

Without our garden pollinators, we wouldn’t have gardens at all. Learn which bugs and animals pollinate plants, and how to help them thrive.

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