Top 10 Best Tomatoes to Grow

Go beyond the ordinary with these unique picks that boast terrific flavor and bright colors for your tomato garden.

I’ve grown tomatoes for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I even had my own stand at the local farmers market, selling cucumbers, peppers and lots of tomatoes. For the most part, we grew traditional red tomatoes. Every once in a while, we’d throw in a yellow or plum-shaped variety, but we didn’t go off track too much.

Now I see tomatoes in a whole new light. You can find hundreds of different varieties out there in almost every hue imaginable.

To help you navigate the sea of tomatoes, we put together this list of the top 10 best tomatoes to grow. Of course you’ll have your own favorites, but the list is a good starting point for those who are a little overwhelmed by all the choices. And be sure to read the “Stacy’s Tip” section under each pick to learn about some excellent resources for tomato and vegetable gardening fans.


Chances are you’ve seen them at your garden center. Celebrity tomatoes were an All-America Selections veggie in 1984, and we think they still deserve top honors. They’re bright red, reliable and scrumptious—everything you love about tomatoes in summer. Since they’ve become a staple, they’re readily available, making them the perfect option for just about any backyard tomato garden.

Stacy’s Tip: Many Home Depot stores carry Celebrity tomatoes. If you can’t find them there, visit, which is quickly gaining recognition as a top supplier of veggies and herbs.

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  1. Deb says

    The list would have been more helpful had it stated whether each plant was determinate or indeterminate.


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