Top 10 Tulip Favorites

Our top tulips were chosen for their wide variety of color, size, and bloom time.

There’s nothing quite as welcoming in a winter-weary backyard as a bright sea of tulips ruffling in a spring breeze. Perhaps the most beloved bulbs of all time, tulips come in endless combinations of color, shape and size. And they bloom at so many different times that you can plan to have tulips all season long.

Becky Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs knows just about every new and old variety on the market. We asked her to help us narrow down our search for the best of the best tulip bulbs. We organized them by category and included bloom time as well. Use this list to help choose your favorites for planting next fall.

Best Parrot: Professor Rontgen

Zones 4 to 7

Fancy fringed parrot tulips grab a lot of attention, and this one boasts heavily frilled and scalloped petals in a striking color combo. Rose, lemon-yellow and mandarin-red petals flecked with green grow on 17- to 21-inch stems.

Why we love it: The petals are extremely full and showy with their exotically frilly edges.

Bloom time: Mid- to late spring.

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