Top 10 Plants You Can’t Kill

Tough as nails, but they're pretty, too. Turn your black thumb into a green thumb with our picks for the top 10 plants you can't kill.

As gardeners, we’re constantly faced with challenges: plants that won’t bloom, flowers that die from a late frost, droughts that wipe out entire beds.

Gardening definitely has its fair share of difficulties, so every once in a while it’s nice to have plants that require little maintenance. Even better-grow plants you can’t kill!

Sure, spraying these all-stars with weed killer would probably lead to their demise. But for the most part, these are hardy, maintenance-free picks that work well in any North American backyard.

So are you ready to turn your black thumb into a green thumb? Get planting with these top picks for plants you can’t kill.



(Sedum species, Zones 3 to 10)

Take a close look and you’ll see this plant’s star-shaped blooms, similar to a pentas. With yellow, orange, red, pink or white flowers, it grows from 2 inches up to 2 feet high and wide. You can grow some species as ground cover, while others make good border plants.

Why we love it: Hello, butterflies! If you want flying flowers in your yard, this plant is a slam dunk.

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