Top 10 New Plants for 2013

These new plants made the top of our list in 2013. Check the list and add a few to your garden!

You know what I love about the gardening world? The excitement everyone exudes over new plants. It’s incredible when you think about it. Green coneflowers, black petunias, reblooming lilacs, dwarf forsythias—all of these downright fascinating varieties and so many more have been introduced in the past decade.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down all the 2013 delights to just 10 favorites, but it was a challenge I was happy to tackle. Keep in mind that the varieties mentioned here might take a few years to hit your local garden center. But even if you can’t find them yet, go out and do a little research to discover what new and intriguing options are available for your backyard right now. And keep these 10 newbies in your back pocket for future exploring.

Midnight Marvel Hibiscus (Hibiscus), Zones 4 to 9

True, hibiscus blossoms often take your breath away, but wait till you see this new variety’s stunning deep-purple foliage. Like many purple perennials, Midnight Marvel needs full sun in order to keep that gorgeous dark shade. It’ll grow about 4 feet tall and wide.

Why we love it: Unlike older varieties, Midnight Marvel has buds forming all the way up the stems, which means you’ll have blooms nearly three times longer.

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