Top 10 Flowers for a Cutting Garden

Plant these flowers in your cutting garden, and enjoy fresh bouquets all season long!

I recently became accustomed to having fresh flowers on my dining room table. It started off as a little treat now and then, but I kept feeling as if something was missing whenever my favorite green vase was bare. Ten dollars at the farmers market here and $14 at the grocery store there can really add up.

My solution for a constant (and expensive!) desire for fresh blossoms indoors? A cutting garden! It’s so obvious now that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner. I’m telling you about it now so you can get your plans in the works for your very own cutting garden this year. I chose 10 of my favorites to complete this list, but grow what you like and enjoy fresh bouquets in your house all summer.

Stock (Mattiola), Annual

Also called garden stock and gillyflower, the blooms of stock grow tall and as a tight cluster. The flower clusters might make the plant a little heavy, so you may need to stake it in the garden. Cut stock when about two-thirds of the blooms are open and it should do well in a vase.

Why we love it: The best part about including stock in your flower arrangement is the sweet and spicy scent. Some say it smells like cloves.

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