Top 10 Classic Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers add a splash of cheerful color to the garden. See our top picks and recommendations.

They say if you have a yellow personality type, you’re cheerful, friendly and fun to be around. I’d say the same is true of yellow flowers, wouldn’t you? You can find yellow blooms for a wide range of garden styles, from high-impact modern landscapes to romantic cottage flower beds. Consider these 10 yellow picks, sure to be a welcome addition to your space.

Rose (Rosa spp.), Zones 2 to 9

The well-loved rose has been cultivated for many centuries. The best part about it? It’s available in hundreds of cultivars, with varying habits and flower forms. As a rule of thumb, give roses a sunny spot for optimal flowering.

Try This: Golden Celebration is a pretty yellow selection with dense ruffled petals and a sweet, fruity scent.

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