Top 10 Classic Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers add a splash of cheerful color to the garden. See our top picks and recommendations.

They say if you have a yellow personality type, you’re cheerful, friendly and fun to be around. I’d say the same is true of yellow flowers, wouldn’t you? You can find yellow blooms for a wide range of garden styles, from high-impact modern landscapes to romantic cottage flower beds. Consider these 10 yellow picks, sure to be a welcome addition to your space.

Daffodil (Narcissus), Zones 3 to 8

Daffodils’ sunny trumpets are among the first beacons of spring. They’ll grow in most types of soil and don’t mind some shade. Keep daffodils in mind as summer winds down, because you’ll need to plant them in autumn. They’re also pretty resilient, growing in woodlands, between shrubs and even in rock gardens.

Try This: February Gold is an extra-early bloomer. The long middle trumpet sets it apart from other daffodils.

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