Top 10 Black Plants

The new black is just black when it comes to the world of horticulture. Check out some of our favorite black plants for your backyard.

When I first heard about black plants, I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. Plants and flowers are supposed to be bright and colorful. Why would anyone want dark and dreary?

But then I saw my first black petunia—wow! I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and captivating it was. My newfound love didn’t stop with petunias. Once I started looking, I began noticing all kinds of cool plants with dark, rich foliage and blooms. While some were really more like black wannabes, falling into the purple or brown section of the color wheel, I was still impressed with the selection. Take a look at some of my favorites, but be sure to do a little exploring on your own as well. After all, I hear every garden looks good in black.

Zwartkop aeonium

(Aeonium arboreum, Zones 9 to 11)

It’s hard to find a more dramatic and impressive black plant than this black rose aeonium. This succulent does best in at least a half day of full sun. If grown in more shade, the rosettes are reddish-purple with a green ­center. It grows up to 12 inches tall and tolerates drought and poor soil. If you live out of Zone 9 to 11 (and let’s face it, you probably do), then overwinter it indoors!

Why we love it: Though it looks stunning with some bright-yellow petunias or pansies, we think it makes a statement all on its own.

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