Flower Gardening

Freshen up your flower garden with these expert recommendations, tips and ideas that can make any yard look like a million bucks.


Transplanting Perennials

Break free of tradition – most perennials are fine for transplanting almost any time of the year.

Healing Garden

Plant a Healing Garden

Healing happens outside too. Learn how to plant a healing garden for outdoor therapy anytime.

Top 10 Plants You Can't Kill: Yarrow

Top 10 Plants You Can’t Kill

Tough as nails, but they’re pretty, too. Turn your black thumb into a green thumb with our picks for the top 10 plants you can’t kill.

From Our Community

what is this purple wildflower?

I found this flower growing all over the hills that I live on in western South Dakota, and I was wondering if someone could help me identify it.
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Is This Rose of Sharon?

I'm visiting family in Michigan, and they have this bush in their front yard. My first thought was Rose of Sharon, but those extra petals in the middle…
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