Fast Growing Vines and Climbing Flowers

Add beauty to your flower garden with our recommendations for prized backyard vines. From fast growing vines to climbing flowers, take a look at these prized picks.

Not only are fast growing vines and climbing flowers great to look at, they serve a definite purpose in backyards. Vines can add height and fullness to any flower garden with their sky-high antics. Take a look at these prize picks for ideas, then start adding them to your backyard.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine
Thunbergia alata annual
Also known as clock vine, black-eyed Susan vine’s flowers superficially resemble their popular perennial namesake. The vine has thin green stems that extend up to 8 feet, wrapping around trellises or other plant stems. Black-eyed Susan vine puts on a great show when trailing from a container, too.

Sweet Pea
Lathyrus odoratus annual
This easy-to-grow, fragrant flower prefers the cooler temps of spring and early summer, like its edible counterpart. It looks lovely among flowers or veggies.

Wisteria floribunda • Zones 5 to 9
There’s nothing like the sight and scent of a blooming wisteria garland to add romance to a spring backyard. Growing wisteria does take a bit of care. Be sure to provide ample support for the vine’s heavy limbs, and prune it each year after it flowers.

Passiflora spp. Zones 7 to 9
Christian missionaries discovered the passionflower in South America in the 1500s. They saw symbolism in the bloom, and named it for Jesus’ passion. The vines can extend up to 50 feet.

Clematis spp. Zones 3 to 9
You say, “CLEM-uh-tis,” I say, “cluh-MAT-iss.” It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it; one word best describes this vine: dazzling! Clematis grows up to 30 feet tall, so you’ll get more flowers in less space.

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