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    Margba, the ornamental type makes small, fingerling looking potatoes, but not good to eat, I think.
    Tina, we are to be 80° today and I want to go plant shopping! Too bad there none for sale….yet! Hehehe

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    Good morning. I am a bit fearful for my life in passing on our weatherman’s prediction for today, but here goes……80°!!!!!!! Seriously, can you believe you are seeing right?! Woohoo!! Makes me want to roll in the grass or something!
    Tigsy, I decided to try the washer again. Just did a tiny load of lingerie…in case I had to wring by hand, don’t cha know. It worked and no knock, knock noises or smell of burning rubber!! THEN, I had the kitchen timer all set to go turn off the dryer and darned if it didn’t start buzzing on it’s own! It’s all a miracle, I tell ya! :) Feelin’ the love, feelin’ the love!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe
    Stewart, sorry for the relapse. Hope it is quick to go and ya’ll feel better soon!
    Dave, I’m always full of questions. too!
    Mary, good luck with the puzzle.
    Brenda, so glad you are having good weather and sunshine! When I work outside, I find I have become slow and methodical. Just one small “lick” on one of these gnarly calcium deposits on my old and twisted fingers can bring me to my knees. It’s much worse if my hands are cold!
    Snow, our weather is just awesome. However, we are supposed to drop back down to 40s and 50s after today. I can live with that!
    Marcia, I sure hope ALL of your family gets well at once very soon!
    Sherry, I think I might freeze and never thaw at those temps. LOL
    Oops….like Brenda, I wandered off. LOL Wishing all who come and go a great day! KB

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    I brought this one from the patio into my kitchen 2 summers ago. Then moved it to my front porch last summer. But it was too big for me to heave around after my heart attack, so it all died this winter.

    Been one of my favorites for many years. IMO, you can’t go wrong! However, I only use the ones meant to be ornamental. You can see the little “blackie” kind of washed out inside.

    I’m soooo ready to get this SPRING thing started!!


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    Snow, the dogs are really just dogs. They refer to them as “the kids”, so that definitely hints to the their state of “SPOILED-DOM”! LOL I have their crate, food, what’s left of their treats, leashes and the rugs Reesy chewed up on the porch. Reesy will just eat the rugs and scatter bits of foam all over….but it will be at Paula’s house…NOT mine! 3:-)
    Margba, me, too. Been looking at the thing with putting diaper guts in the dirt. It might work for here, but the heat might still “fry” the roots.
    Mary, I think the nice weather is what has me in such a good mood!
    Marcia, I did get a great report from Dr. G He increased my blood pressure meds in hope of handling the weak spells. He seems quite pleased and proud, so declared there was no need to see me again for 3 months!
    I can’t tell which, but I definitely hear the hum of a mower or a tiller. Wow, it makes me want to plant something! :)

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    Morning all. Not sure what has possessed me to be up for over an hour already…but I’m here. ;) I have developed a very bad habit of sleeping late. I need to get that changed before spring!
    Yesterday was just amazing. So warm out. Wesley came home with the GPs and he a pawpaw came to visit with me and the pups. It was just so nice being able to lounge around on the patio drinking tea and watching Wesley haul dirt in the big Tonka.
    Looking forward to this afternoon. Ken is coming to get the pups and take them to the groomers. Definitely a bath and haircut they’ve needed for a long time!! I will need to remind them to get packed, as they are also moving back home. LOL YEAH, for me!! I can finally put out my new rugs and such when I don’t have to worry about Reese eating them!!! Woohoo!
    I noticed the weeds are very happy about this nice weather. I really need to mow…the weeds, at least! Starting to look ragged. I know some going thru this “spell” don’t want to hear about my nice weather. ;(
    I finally got the washer, stove and frig. repaired last week. Same afternoon…AFTER the repairman left, of course…the dryer timer decided to bite the dust! Ugh…it’s always something. LOL
    Stewart, this hub-bub over where the PS should be is where I came in. Does this mean I have come full circle? Hehehe
    Dave, I tried the pots several years ago. It didn’t work. I would like to try it again.
    Sherry, I am lucky to be able to call my brother and all his big ol boys to help when I need tree work! Sure saves me a bundle, plus they always cut and stack it for me to use in the fireplace!
    Marcia, sounds like this new system is hitting you hard. Stay warm!
    Snow, what a bummer! I hope you get them both up and going again real soon. I loathe computer trouble!!
    Margba, are you snow covered?
    Brenda, I think my main problem here with things in pots is our awful heat. My friend who is a fantastic gardener said it’s hard to keep the roots getting “fried” here in pots. LOL
    Robbie, if it was 29° and snowing here, that would be my signal for NOT getting dressed. Who in their right mind would come calling in THAT kind of weather?! Hehehe
    Mary, we don’t even get those type scary storms, but I am still a nut about keeping my shelves well stocked. Just habit, I guess. ;)
    Tigsy, hope you got all of your reading done!
    Fred, hope your dad’s scrapes and bruises heal quickly and his balance improves.
    Have a terrific Tuesday! KB

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    Morning. Sun is shining bright and headed to mid 60s. 70° yesterday!! Wow!!
    Appointment with Dr. G today. I feel like a kid dreading the principal’s office. LOL I know I have to tell him about my shortness of breath and then confess my indulgence in too much salt. I hope I get points for being back on the straight and narrow. ;)
    Stewart, so glad you all are feeling better, at last!
    Dave, it’s been so pretty here the last few days. I noticed how much the weeds have grown this morning. I may have to mow soon! Hehehe
    Marcia, I’m glad the heel is showing some improvement but sorry you have to use ice pack this time of year. Ouch!
    Snow, I say any time you get to sit and not run is a good day for you! Glad you have one on the calendar!
    Mary, enjoy your walk. Isn’t it nice to be out in the warm sunshine?!
    Robbie, we have been so warm the last few days, but they have chance of snow on Thursday. At least if we do get any, it will melt as soon as it hits the ground.
    Brenda, there is just something so whacked about limbering up with a wheelbarrow and shovel! LOL TRY to take it a little easy, girlfriend. ;)
    Sherry, I don’t have a clue. I used to have rose of sharon bushes for the same purpose. They were so pretty, but bloomed so much I was out almost daily raking the fallen blossoms. They made such a mess!
    Better shut up and get busy. Need to wash dishes and clean the kitchen floor before I leave.
    Have a lovely day! KB

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    Same here. I sure hope we don’t have to pay dearly. LOL

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    Sauteed cabbage and bacon with English pea salad. Just a pinwheel for dessert.

    in reply to: The Potting Shed. Jan 18th Sunday #5339404 Report Abuse

    Good morning. Wow, it’s supposed to be 68° today! I will leave the pups outside while we are at my 92 yr old aunt’s birthday party this afternoon. They are already happy and haven’t asked back in this morning. LOL They got to see mom and dad thru the glass door yesterday. Boy. did they ever want thru that door. :(
    I have been very, very bad and cheating on the salt since Christmas and it caught up with me big time couple nites ago. Heart failure stuff kicked in big time, but I made it. Now that I’m ok. it was a good thing. The not being able to breathe was the most awful experience of my life and this was a good warning to get me back on track!! However, my sugar was 87, which is super good. I’ll never understand all of this
    Paula invited me over for lunch and a wallyworld shopping excursion after. I was feeling better and needed to pick up my scrips, so off we went. Got home and started putting my meds in the caddy, only to discover my water pills had already been punched from the sleeve. They were quick to agree to replace them, but the hoops we had to jump thru to get them here. UGH!
    Stewart and Wendy, Happy Anniversary!
    Sherry, son’t blame you for dragging your feet on the grocery shopping. It’s one of the things I put off until it’s no longer possible. Just hate having to haul all of that stuff in and put it away! LOL
    Marcia, hope your foot, leg AND William are all improving!
    Snow, if anybody deserved a restful hideout/away, it is you! Hope you find something reasonable.
    Tigsy, nothing wrong with being lazy. I’m a professional!! ;)
    Fred, glad your toe is finally on the mend. What a tussle just from wearing the wrong shoes!
    Mary, hope you enjoyed your lunch. I have tried so hard to enjoy fried green tomatoes, but it just doesn’t happen. LOL
    Brenda, that sounds like a wonderful day. I hope she comes by often from now on and you jump in GO!!!!
    Ok, I have to get ready. Wishing you a wonderful Lord’s Day! KB

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    Good morning. Supposed to be our last day of dark and dreary for a while. I surely hope they are right!
    Nothing much going on. Neighbor down with the flu, so we haven’t been out on any excursions. I must say, I do dread next time I go to the grocery store. I have a monster list. I always dread dragging it in here and putting it away more than the actual paying for it! LOL
    Washing machine bit the dust. It’s always something!
    Marcia, thank you for asking about me!
    Have a good day. KB

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    Good morning. 13° out. Of course, that is extreme for us. My water doesn’t freeze, but it scares me every time!
    Was supposed to go with neighbor to get tests this morning, but her DH took off instead. I admit I’m kind of glad. Maybe it’s the blood thinners…or just OLD age…but I just don’t tolerate the cold very well these days.
    My big plans for the day will include sitting here by the fire, nodding off during old movies and maybe some popcorn. ;)
    Stewart, I am sorry you are still feeling bad.
    Dave, if that 3 is degrees, I’m sure glad it’s not here. Stay warm.
    Brenda, your “crunching around the yard” made me laugh. So hard to “stalk” predators when you’re making so much noise. Hehehe
    Stay warm! KB

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    Good Monday morning. 21° at present. Cold for our part of the country. I am so happy we have come thru the snow, rain and ice into the sunshine.
    It just dawned on me last night that I was in charge of watering my sister’s house plants….which I have totally forgotten. I will go over when it warms up a bit and see if there is anything left. Oh, I feel so bad about my slip up. UGH
    Stewart, I’m sorry ya’ll are still sick. It hangs on something fierce over here, too. A very nasty strain, to be sure. I hope you feel better very soon.
    Haven’t managed a wink of sleep all night. Think I will give it one more try for a small nap before sun up. Have a great day. KB

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    Good last morning of 2014! I, for one, have enjoyed all of this year I can stand. Ready to move on!
    Sure is cold at 23° with a 13° chill factor. Talk about beyond our comfort zone! AND we have a dusting of snow. Looks like 2014 is looking to leave us one last razzie. LOL
    Stewart and Wendy, feel better soon.
    Robbie, no party here, either. For some reason, the cold just really hurts my bones since the heart attack. I’m gonna do my best to stay in and stay warm. ;)
    Margba, I know what you mean about mixing with the crazies!
    Mary, enjoy your lovely gifts.
    Dave, good job with the welcome mat. Thanks!
    Snow, thank you for the prayers and good thoughts! I would totally self destruct in those temps. You are a STRONG woman to even stick your nose out in that, IMHO! Wow!
    Brenda, an eye dropper! My goodness, that IS strong stuff!! These are actually my bath mats. Poor Paula is used to replacing them….at least one per visit. I received new bath and hand towels with matching rugs for Christmas. They will stay in the closet until the pups go home. LOL
    Sherry, sounds like we are all going to be home bodies tonight. ;)
    Stay warm! KB

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    Good morning. Cold, gray day here with possible snow flurries later. The snow missed us the other day and I’m hoping for the same this time. It sure is depressing. I hate days without sunshine.
    No real plans for the day. Plenty to do, if I was so moved, but no sign of inspiration yet. LOL
    Paula’s dog ate another rug this morning. At least I know she’s not just mad about being here….she chews at home, too. UGH…it’s SO hard to love her! LOL
    But the good news is that she called last nite and they are OUT of the hospital and in the motel! His hair was starting to fall out, so he got his head shave yesterday. Even that has to be done in the hospital because of the bleeding should he be knicked. He was even strong enough to go with her to the grocery store. Of course, they have to go back everyday to have his levels checked, but they are so happy to be free and one step closer to home.
    Have a good day! KB

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    Good morning. Ah…so nice not to have plans today. I may be getting too old and worn out for these back to back days of hurried activity! I can just take it as it comes, probably from a nodding off position in my recliner. Hehehe
    I hope and trust you all had a wonderful holiday!! KB

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