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    I have had Orioles in my yard and fed them for years. This year I put out feeders and had one Oriole come in but did not return and have not had any others. Could Robins be a factor? I have many more Robins in the yard this year. Also, nearly no hummingbirds. I love the Orioles, one year I even had a mother bird bring her 3 babies to the feeder, what a special experience.

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    Hi GunGyrl !

    My Baltimore Orioles have been visiting the grape jelly and sugar water feeders in my backyard since early May. They’ve been coming here for years and I love watching & listening to them

    This year though unfortunately the sparrows have found the grape jelly too and seem to love it, but the Orioles still get their fair share too (I put out a 1 lb jar every day). Besides them, the Robins, Blue Jays and Catbirds also eat the jelly so it’s a very busy area.

    Do your neighbors have grape jelly feeders that may be attracting ‘your’ Orioles ? I sure hope that they show up….I don’t think that the Robins would interfere with the Orioles feeding.

    Good Luck !

    Mary Ann (Birdbug)

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    I’ve had exactly one Oriole and he didn’t stay but a few seconds, shouldn’t complain because I very seldom get them. Didn’t get a single rose-breasted grosbeak this spring.

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