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    I havent planted anything just yet!  Grtting it all ready to go, though!  Just started buying things I want & then we got a big rainstorm today!  I was going to start today but think i will let it dry out some before planting! I think i will start planting maybe Mon.  I will be busy next week, however, w/ getting ready for my neph’s wedding next Sat & my older sister & her dh coming in from CA!  Will get it done inbetween all the goings on!

    But right now I have peppers, toms, parsley all ready to go!  I still have to get my other fav veggies I like!  Only have gotten a couple flowers!  Gotta get more of those, too!

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    I planted tomatoes and peppers in 12 five gallon buckets on April 10th. Four Husky Cherry Red tomatoes, they have fruit on them now. Three Big Bertha, three   Cubanelle, one Cowhorn and one Pablano pepper…they all have pea size peppers on them now.


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    hyacinths-I purchased 15 pot with three plants each the week before Easter, got them in the ground

    primrose-12 plants

    pansy-flat of 32 plants

    marigold-flat of 24 plants

    coleus-flat of 32 plants in three large pots

    petunia-18 red/12 white  (three large pots 6 red 4 white)

    geraniums-6 plants

    begonia-two flats of 24 ( made 6 hanging pots, 3 pots for plant stand on patio and two larger pots for on a wall

    persian shield – potted for table

    ivy- 3 plants potted 

    sweet basil seeds coming up in large pot

    I have curly parsley and flat leaf parsley ready to be planted

     aster- flat of 12 plants

    snapdragon-flat of 24 around mailbox

    phlox- 6 plants  for perennial garden

    Margba—I was in your neighborhood a few weeks ago to Sight and Sound to see Moses.

    It poured for three days.

    Purchased two lilac bushes (a white one and a redish purple) and two clematis vines. They need to be planted after all this rain we are getting today.

    What are all those deer fenced in down the road from you? Where do they come from? Is it a deer farm?



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    Nothing planted yet, but bought 10 bags of soil and a hanging basket of geraniums, it’s a start!

    My windflowers are up and my daffies are blooming and my forsythia is ready to pop!


    Sherry! You planted weeds? LOL

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    Feathers, so you were driving down my road on Irishtown past the deer farm & post office.  You should have hollered!  Lol!  Yeah, Moses is playing at S&S Theatre!  Oh yeah, all the darned rains, incl today!  You might have driven by the deer farm down in Strasburg!  Mostly from what I hear & hate to say, they are raised mostly to guarantee a hunting party a deer or 2!  I imagine they are sold or billed for other purposes, such as advertising, selling the antlers of bucks that fall off naturally, etc! Wild turkeys like to hang out at those deer farms for the free food!

    Feathers &:Terry, you guys planted a heck of a lot!

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    Wild violets, violet seeds I bought, pansy and johnny jump ups, regular and garlic chives, baby carrots, tomatoes, sweet williams, a very small pine tree seedling I got from the mountains the other day and LOTS of cactus and spider plants to break apart and restart again as they are too big to handle for me. I’m thinking about buying some nasturtiums.

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    I have planted all my seedlings that I started under the lights – broccoli, cauliflower, bunch lettuce, 2 tomatoes, several varieties of flowers. I had 450 seedlings in the basement.  Lost about 50 since then, and another 68 saved for neighbors if they want them.  Also, planted radishes and carrots directly in the garden.  Radishes are almost ready to pull.  Still have 2 varieties of beans to plant.  My 2 squash plants are up, and the 2 cucumbers are getting ready to break ground., Had to cover everything last night because of the cold, but they all survived.

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    Wow!  Wendy & hopscotch!  You guys did a lot of planting, especially hopscotch!  I am always so impressed when you do a lot of starting plants byv seed!

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    I have been eating the green onions.  The lettuce and dill inside pot and one parsley showed up today.

    Outside I have planted marigolds, celosia and cannas.  Have 3 tomatoes ready – but waiting a few more days.

    Covered all of the pots I have out. A second frost possible tonight.

    I stuck a Persian Shield in a container that needed that perk of color.

    Many containers ready to go out – but will wait a few more days.

    Fun plants that made it thru the winter. Black Lace sambacus (elderberry fancy dark leaf) and Russian sage.  The 2 trillium colors – red and snow showed up and one new ajuga made it, but the regular ajuga that was all over all winter killed this year. Really miss that and others lost theirs, too.

    <*)~// Tealbird

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    I don’t have room for a large veggie garden so I plant tomatoes, lettuce & cucumbers in pots.  Lettuce is doing good & just put tomatoes in earlier this week, also the cucumber seeds..

    I have a lot of perennials so they don’t get replanted every year.  But I have planted zinnia, sunflower, malva,morning glory, cypress vine, sweet pea vine, BES vine & Calif. Poppy seeds.  Also various bulbs such as lilies, (oriental & Daylilies this year), caladiums & glads.  Some seedlings that I started & planted; Jacob’s Ladder, Columbine, Bee Balm, Dianthus & Poppies.

    There’s probably more but that’s all I can remember right now.

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    7 tomato plants, cucumber seeds , the plants are up, onion seeds. Oh and  I have a marble size tomato already.

    Haven’t got my flowers yet.

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    Tealbird, sorry about all the frost you guys are getting!  Kind of chilly here too.  I think some northern tier areas of PA got below freezing last night but we were safe here, fortunately!  I will plant what I have gotten in the ground or containers this week.  Hope I get it done soon, as its family wedding weekend time & I will be busy!  Neph’s wedding is next Sat, hard to believe!

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