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    Ohhhh, that poor little kitty ~~~ Who know what she has endured to end up in the condition that she is before she came to you ?

    Bless your family, Carol, for having the heart to have her taken care of .  She s the best place she can be at this time.

    I hope whatever all they have to do to her to get all of that matting and mess from her fur won t be too upsetting for her.  Bless her heart !!! And, I hope her kittens are born without incident and survive.

    I can t even write here what I think of people that abandon, abuse, neglect or mistreat any animal, no matter the circumstances.


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    Carol Johnson
    Carol Johnson

    yes Resa I do believe she knows we are trying to help her ..she has a little discomfort to go through but very soon she will be fine..after she is shaved / clean I have a nice 4×4 pen with a cover we will set up for her to stay in..that will be big enough for her and kittens ..used it on another momma cat …now the thing is I am allergic to cats..oh well…

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    Oh, Carol, I’m so glad you are helping this poor cat.   One thing that can help if you are allergic to cats, is to wipe the cat down with a damp towel before you handle her or the kittens.  I worked with a woman years ago who wanted a cat so badly but was allergic to them and that is what she did.  She said it really cut down on the dander, which is usually what causes allergies.

    She is a beautiful cat and you and your family are such caring people.


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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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