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    Good Morning,  Another cool morning, its 55* going to a high of 71*, and its cloudy.  I see some changes comes soon, going to get warmer and humid.  I can take the warmer temps but don’t like the humidity.  Good thing the air conditioner is getting put in tomorrow.  I don’t think Ray could go thru another 4 days in the heat and humidity.    I worked hard yesterday, first I picked Gage up at his Dads, then came home and ate some breakfast and decided to go out and work.  I pulled weeds, and then I put down 6 bags of mulch.  Once the cat woke up from her nap, I couldn’t go out by the road, so then I moved some rocks to the back yard, not many.  Then Lori and Kaylee stopped to picked up the sawdust for the horses stalls.    We had a nice visit, Kaylee goes to the 4=H fair tomorrow evening, which runs for a week.  After that I helped Ray put the trailer on his truck to move, that was hard work, it hasn’t been moved in over 4 years.  Got supper, did dishes, then helped Ray as he cut down a small tree, that needed to go,it was right next to the garage.  Came in and took a shower and was done for the day.  I hope to finish the beds today with the mulch, I only have 1 bag to go out by the road, then 2 other beds.  I won’t be working in the house today, I am going to wait until it gets hot and humid.  Well that’s it for me.

    Lair,  I wonder whats going on with our friends, if I remember right, Leroy’s wife was going to go to the dr, I wonder if she is OK, what do you think?  I know Jan, Snow, and Mary work, so I can understand why they don’t post so much.  Then Sandy, I just don’t know what to think.

    Alma,  Sounds like a good day teaching someone how to use the sewing machine.  Glad to hear Sam is up and moving.

    Dena,  I hope you arrived home safe, aren’t working too hard trying to catch up.

    Have a great day, Carol

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    Good Morning Carol, Last night on the 10 o’clock news we had already set a new record low for the day.  The coldest night since 1873 when they started keeping records.  It felt like it. This morning looks promising with bright sun and 52*.  No rain or even a cloud in the next 7 days, if they are right but I’m not holding my breath.  This will b short this morning because I’m running to the store, they have hamburger on sale for 1.97 per lb.  The ad didn’t say if there was a limit so we will see.  My freezer is empty so my wallet is my only limit.  I cleaned the freezer and I am suffering today.  I have a fan I clip on the door shelves when I defrost it to speed things along.  When picking out some frost I hit my ear on the fan.  Man is the side of my head sore today.  No broken skin but my ear is so sore I’m having trouble with my glasses and oxygen tube.  Carol, I don’t know what to think of where everyone is.  Everyone misses a day now and then but this is an epidemic.  My concerns are growing.  Maybe I’ll send some emails later when I get home from the store.  Maybe not, I just remembered I have one of the boys coming over to weed about noon.  Well, better run.  Everyone have a good day and I hope you have a chance to check in.  Carol and I both have enough grey hair.  Lair

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    Good Morning, Lair,  Now how do you know I have gray hair?  I color it the other day, its red now,  ha ha.  Defrosting a freezer is not a easy job, sorry about your ear, I bet it does hurt.    I guess I will email some today to see whats going on.  I will let you know what I learn.



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    It i9s another cool day. Yesterday I discovered a new lettuce plant outside in the box where I started them this spring.  The one inside got eaten lacy by Ike, the inch worm, and his busy little brothers.

    Kept it in the kitchen window so I could see when new ones were eating.

    Then I put a nice full strand of banana  – they all really munched on that – even Sam was up in afternoon.  Guess they like the riper bananas best.  Then put in less lettuce – all gone this AM.  I had put in too large leaf the day before and some left.

    Life is good. Man from church came to work on railing in basement. Had two 4×4’s out of old barn and got one cut.  Needed longer screws.  would run and get them. NO.

    This had waited for a year – a few more days would be OK. His family was taking 3 day vacation. That was impt. to be rested and enjoy all of that time together.

    He will hang 2 shelves.

    DS and family here this weekend for his Class reunion. will be fun to see family and get time with 2 GD’s – Saw them in March.

    Have some needed cleaning to do before then.

    Hope you are all in good health and enjoying your gardens. the cool weather is great for a while.  will need warmer weather for the corn and beans. When the farmers have good crops the whole town prospers – so many jobs because they serve the agriculture needs!

    Blessings to all.

    <*)~// Tealbird

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    Hi All, I’m okay, just pressed for time some days. My weeds in the flower bed were my president yesterday. I had a whole garbage can full. I had one weed that I thought was a flower, but decided it was possibly horseweeds. I got rid of everything I saw. Today I had at least 6-7 butterflies out there and lots of bumble bees, and other flying stuff. They were all on the coneflowers.

    I had to start using the new charting system for the first time at work yesterday. I went to chart on a person after supper and only one resident wasn’t colored red. Red means it’s past due for charting. I had to do all these people in red to put in whether they were independent, supervision, limited assist, extensive assist, or totally dependent in their eating. This should have been done when we were charting cares before supper because some of these people had snacks. Well, lesson learned day 1. I had both of the people that taught us this system last week walk by and ask how I was doing. I said okay but it was nerve wracking. I know I didn’t do some of it the easy way, but it GOT DONE. This is a totally finger touch system. We now have each person’s picture in a rectangle box along with their room and name, and we touch the box with the person we want to chose. We just had the name and room in a long list before. Their boxes are white to start with, yellow is something needs to be done every 2 hrs. or a specific time, and it goes red when it’s past due for being done and for charting that it was done. If everything is done on the Qshift (mandatory must do and chart) then the person’s box turns green. We can’t leave if all the people aren’t green. The nurse has to approve it and say we can leave.

    I did a shower last night at 9:30 due to miscommunication. Resident was waiting for the aide to come back and the aide was waiting for the resident to put the light on. Resident didn’t know they were supposed to put the light on; residents only been there a couple weeks and didn’t get the last shower because we were short. The other aide said she wasn’t doing it at that hour. Well, it WAS her fault, but I still had 45 min. to get it done. I still left work on time at 10:30. Kids won’t extend themselves to get stuff done. This was my great niece I was working with. LOL

    We only get our short shift from 6-9 now, so it gets hard to have everyone ready before supper, and then take turns going for our supper break so we can get back to feed our resident in the dining room. The short shift used to be 4-9 until the head count went down on our wing, and then it went to 5-8. We needed this person until 9 to help get residents to bed, so they changed the 5-8 to 6-9. They get there when we are feeding supper, so that helps. We have 3 that were there to heal or get stronger and eventually go home; one went home already.

    Well, I gotta get ready for work, so talk to ya later.

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