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    Good Morning,  The sun is shinning, and its 55*, going to a high of 77*, that is welcomed after yesterday, it was like a fall day.   Well I don’t have much to say, as I said it all yesterday.  Didn’t do much, just some easy things, filed, cleaned out a drawer,  and swept the floor.  Friends came and we played cards, and after Ray and I had supper, then read the paper and watched TV.  I don’t thing we got much rain, just a mist or light rain all day.

    Lair,  I hope you feel better today.  Wow that is a scam, good thing you checked with Mom.

    Leroy,  Doesn’t the lawn always look nice after mowing.

    Sandy,  I bet it is quiet at your house.  Did you get lots of rain?  You were busy, I need to get busy.

    Well I have to go and get a perm this morning, and find out about the color of my hair.  Have a great day, Carol

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    Good Morning Carol and all to follow,  It is a sunny 55* this morning.  It is going up to almost 80* this afternoon.  No rain in the forecast until a 20% chance on Sunday so I’ll be watering again today.  Today is the day the reporter is coming to do an article on the house.  I’m almost ready I just have to run through the house with a dust rag and pick up a few things so that should take about an hour.  I am thinking today would be a good day to spray the lawn weeds.  Just walking around and spray what I can see.  Don’t know what else I’ll get into.  

    Carol, good luck with your perm.  I like the color of my hair right now.  I’ve been blonde most of my life but when I started greying the color got a lot darker.  It is like salt& pepper but mine is salt & dirt.  This summer the sun has lightened up the dirt color to a sandy color.  With the grey it looks good.  

    Someone just drove in the drive, I’ll be back. Lair

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    Sandy K.
    Sandy K.

    Afternoon all . All I can say for the weather today is hot and muggy . Two days of rain can do that lol but we needed it .Didn’t get much more done with the house other then taking care of the things I piled on the table . Today is Laundry day and I went out for my morning stroll with clippers in hand .The wild rose ,barberry bush and hosta flowers all got a hair cut this morning. Thinking about transplanting a lot of things this year . I have day lilies every where in the yard so I want to do a bed for them . Mom’s Peonies are taking over her garden so they might end up in another location . Of course the bee balm is going wild also ,I was thinking about combinding the bee balm and cone flowers together in the garage garden do you think the bee balm would take over ? Might have to rethink that idea lol. I found another pink bee balm mixed in with the red ones so I will transplant that with the other pink . I find it funny when I plant in the red ,white and blue garden that 90% of the flowers have been differt colors even thou the package say red white or blue lol. I was sent a mini red holly hock that turned out pink reorders twice and still it pink ,guess I need a pink garden hahaha . Can you tell I really don’t want to do  laundry today ?

    Carol it was a bit to quiet ,not that I would admit it to the kids lol. By 9 I was thinking about going to bed lol. I got out a puzzle instead ,got bored with that and went in to read. We got two days of down pour . I  been thinking about getting a perm after cutting my hair  just don’t know if it would turn out to curly for me . Mine is straight except when it humid .Enjoy your perm and have a good day .


    Lair I thought dust doesn’t show up on camera lol. Are you going to see the article before they print it ? Should be fun to see your house in print . I’d enjoy reading it . I remember one year the sun bleached my hair blond and everyone thought I dyed it lol. Mines always been redish brown.Well till two years ago lol.

    I guess I need to get busy and do something .

    Have a good day & God Bless

    Sandy K

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    Good Afternoon all-

    Sunny and NO RAIN, Thankfully!

    It was a very trying day yesterday.  3 hours and 20 min to get to work and 2 hrs to get home.  Every major road I travel was shut down due to flooding.  No shortcuts either.   Allowed plenty of time just that the news only reported the main hwys shut down.  Can you imagine 14ft of water, shutting down a main hwy (I-75), then the have to send dive teams down to see if everyone made it out..  Lots of basement damage, poor people.  Then we walk into work and shut our jobs down to go help the other department out.  200 jobs sitting on the board.  They all were cleared out by noon.

    I was tired by the time I got home and pretty much at dinner and went to bed.  BF didn’t have to work because of all the hwys being shut down do, when I got home house was cleaned and dinner was ready to go.  Very nice.  Like I said now I remember why stuff isn’t getting done.

    Other than that nothing new..

    Lair-You are so lucky you guys checked out the niece issue before sending the money.  I am so sick of these type of scams.  It seems once they get your number the will keep trying again.  My son almost got caught up in one, thankfully when he couldn’t get ahold of me he talked to the bank and they informed him it is a common scam.  He was selling something on Craigslist and a guy sent him way to much money and wanted him to get a money order for the “overage” and send it to the scammer. Then the guy started calling, demanding and harassing my son about not doing it .  What a mess that was.  It sounds like you have quite a few spindles to clean on that staircase.  Is the paper still doing a piece on the house?

    Carol-Very  good to here Gage is feeling better.  What kind of frames does Ray make?  Cards are always fun.  Haven’t played in awhile.  I like Euchre.

    Sandy-Sounds like you are going to have some quiet time. Was your Doc appt. today?   Yep anytime I went camping it always rained. Last tent adventure was awful.  Packed up early and came home.  Tornado warnings and all the rain was a nightmare.  Then I bought a pop-up.  Enough tenting for me.

    Mary-Brylie is growing so quickly and she’s crawling to boot.  Pretty soon she’ll be walking. It goes so fast.  The pictures were nice.  I loved the one of the Lion.  Just so magnificent looking.  It looks like you can get fairly close to them?

    Leroy-That sounds like my kinda day.  No strenuous activities.  That won’t be happening anytime soon for me.

    Snow-Hope you are feeling somewhat better.  Any news on second results/

    Alma-Hope you are liking your new washer..

    Well gotta run..  Have a Great Day all….

    Here’s a link on what I-75 looked like yesterday morning….Just a mess….

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    Hi All, No rain for us other that a little shower the other night, and I’ll just be satisfied with the weather we have. I don’t need flooding. BTDT, not wanting to go there again.


    DH mowed the lawn yesterday, but we raised the mower up to a level to trim off the weeds but not cut much grass. I don’t remember the last time it was mowed. The front part by the street is half brown now. Our neighbors keep mowing and their lawns are getting brown; ours is still pretty much green but showing lack of water stress.

    We spent yesterday using the pickup bumper hitch, and a log chain to pull all the bushes that winter killed on the north side of the house. These bushes have been in there since we moved here in 1986, so the smaller pines had some significant roots. A few of the other non-pine bushes had sprigs come back, but not enough to make them decent looking once the dead was gone. It took some work, but they all came out. DH did some tire spinning so there are some bare spots in the lawn. The ground was so hard from no rain that it really isn’t going to matter. I’ll have to plant some hostas next spring. I have variegated hostas on the east end of this same wall, and they did fine through the winter, so I might try to find some other hosta plants to put in there. The two pine bushes on the west wall just around the corner were totally brown, but those needles are falling off and these two bushes are showing lots of green coming back, so they may make it.

    I told DH, “Now that you’re retired you can catch up on the last 34 years of your “Honey Do” lists.” He just looked at me and grinned. I think he now figures he has 34 years to catch up. No, it doesn’t work that way dear. LOL

    I did lots of reading and typed my happenings, but now I have to go to work, so no time to type individual responses. I’ll come back later tonight and reply.

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    All I did today was eat – drink – much liquid and sleep!  Summer cold. UGH.  Did I mention blowing?

    I try to drink 8 oz of liquid each hour. Water, alkaSeltzer and 7UP.

    Sleep drink and run. Summer fun – Not!

    GD loading up to move back to college. In 50’s not so much stuff!  Could go in car with parents and 3 in front seat.  But this is a new century and stuff Is so much more in my home now! LOL.

    I put one screw in the machine I worked on yesterday.  Have to have clear head to do them. was wondering why I was strugeling at the end at 5 yesterday. Last night I couldn’t get warm and today – just sneeze and blow. Too warm- too cold – enough of my misery – you all know it too well.

    NO watering plants or pulling weeds. Haven’t even poked my head out and probably won’t.

    Cleaned the dome on snail abode – 3 went up and left something for me.  Guess I’ll only clean the sides of the main bowl.

    Time for my 7UP. Have a great last part of the week. Alma

    <*)~// Tealbird

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